We go in double kayaks to Hiorthamn. We paddle, all together in a small group, across the picturesque Advent bay. We glide quietly along, crossing the shallow sandbanks close to the Advent Valley delta, and get at close range with the wildlife and a wide variety of seabirds. Even though the water is cold, you are safe and comfortable in your drysuit.

There is three trips to choose from:

  • Midnight sun trip starts 20:00 and last 4-5 hours.  Price Nok 780.-  Hot drinks and snack included. For you who want to experience the light and calmness at late hours.
  • Morning trip starts 09:00 and last 5-6 hours. Price Nok 850.- Children Nok 500 .- Warm lunch and hot drinks included.
  • Kayak and Mountain trip starts 08:30 and last 8-10 hours.Warm lunch and hot drinks included. Very scenic mountain hike with ocean, mountains and glacier view.

We make a landing on the beach at the other sid of the Advent Bay. In the hillside we find a nice spot for a picnic.  The kayaks we use are easy to balance. They glide nicely through the water without too much effort. Therefore, this trip suits everyone in good health – both those who have not experienced kayaking before and those who are more accustomed to it.

Place: Longyearbyen
Date: 20st of June -15th of September 
Time: 09:00 am
Day: M T W T F S S
Included: Pick up at your hotel,  lunch and drinks
Duration: Midnight 4-5 hours     Morning 5-6 hours
Granding: Easy
Price: Adults: Morning NOK 850,00  Child.: NOK 500,00 Midnight sun NOK 780,00