Hike with packhorse

We meet up with the northern most horses in the world out at the stables, built in 1946. Horses get their pack saddles on and away we walk with hay, pellets and a nice lunch and drinks for you. We walk in beautiful arctic scenery, rich with birds and flowers and reindeers.

Close to a lighthouse on the beach we set camp and and enjoy the meal with horses and dogs.

This trip is an easy walk without hills or difficult terrain to deal with. Suits families and groups and people in general that wants an easy, but scenic trip. We move close to the ocean fjord with many seabirds and possibilities to spot wales and the white Belluga whale later in summer.

The walk back and forth is 8 km.


Place: Longyearbyen
Date: 1st of July – 20th of September
Time: 10:00 am 
Day: Tuesday Friday
Included: Pick up at hotel, snacks and drinks
Bring: A bottle of water, good hiking boots and wind proof clothing.
Duration: 5 hours
Granding: Medium
Price: Adults: NOK 900,00 children: NOK 300,00